Blog 1, Project 1

Are we live? Well, here goes my first post... my goal is to have a more simple and 'green' life. The long term goal is to become close to sustainable. How I'm going to achieve this you might wonder? Well, I'm going to do aquaponics and hopefully raise chickens for their eggs.

The chickens, as many of you know, are not allowed in my city, so I'm working on changing the ordinance. This my friend, is no easy task. I need the community involved to forge through! While I'm working on that during the week, I have other projects that need to get done.

And before I begin, I have to tell you, my dad wanted me to keep the slab in the backyard. Well, of course I disagreed, that's what I do, well... until I came up with this new idea. *enter project greenhouse/shed.

PROJECT ONE: The first step towards my greenhouse, clear the trees around the existing slab. Enlisting the good ol' neighbor trick and a borrowed chain saw to help with this one.


This was no easy task. 10 trees, and a good 5 hours later we have it cleared... mostly. There were ants, so i'll leave those till they clear out. Hardest part besides the assumed labor:  One of the biggest was growing towards the power lines that run between the houses. So... i'm holding the tree with a classy garden house while my neighbor is making the cuts. The tree was going down the WRONG way headed straight towards the power lines while I'm quickly loosing my footing. The neighbor, Sott drops the saw, runs over to help grab the hose and saves the day! That was scary and very close call. 


In conclusion, mission completed.