I Learned Everything I Need Know about CHICKENS at the Grocery Store

Not true! I felt like an idiot after researching chickens. Disclaimer: I don't own chickens because my city doesn't allow them. However, I've compiled a few common misunderstood facts about raising backyard chickens. I've been a serious chicken studying student, so I'm here to pass on my research as a PRE-chicken owner. I'm still working on talking my council members into changing our city's livestock ordinance. Sorry if that subject gets old, but I'm not giving up!

YOU DON'T NEED A ROOSTER TO GET EGGS! This is probably the most misunderstood fact about having chickens. The only reason to have roosters is to have baby chicks... besides, they just upset your neighbors. Most cities often ban roosters all together. Honestly, I don't want one anyway. 

Look at this lady! Isn't she pretty? this is a Plymouth Rock, which is my favorite breed as far as looks go. Yep, that's right, there are many different breeds of chickens. Some breeds even have feathers on their feet. weird huh? Many types of breeds means: different color eggs.

I do not like
GREEN eggs and ham.
I do not like them,


Dr. Seuss was right, there are green eggs, even BLUE and many others. What's the big deal with the brown eggs in the grocery store? Nothing. They are just a different type of breed than your white egg layers. They aren't healthier or look any different inside. 

Now, when you ask what's the big deal about a free range eggs vs the grocery store, well a picture is worth a 1,000 words. 

The benefits of chickens in your backyard: #1, I'm an animal lover, so the more the merrier. #2, they are an animal with a purpose: you get to eat the eggs and people will often send the hens to a butcher after they've stopped or slowed down laying eggs, too. (I'm not sure if I can do that) #3 they provide excellent fertilizer for your grass and garden. #4 They are a natural pesticide! They LOVE grubs and other small pests. 

Some owners may not want their chickens running around their yard freely. That's where the CHICKEN TRACTOR comes into play. You move it around your yard every few days. This is how the fertilizer is distributed and the pest eating is put into action. They are birds... so of course they are messy and poop gets lots of places. That's why the tractor is made to help control this. Tractors come in many different shapes and sizes. The one below is quite popular and efficient for a small flock. (3) birds = (3) nests for laying. The hens will share their nests, so you save on space. I think I'd have two nests for three birds. 

Aren't they noisy? Nope, I'd rather live next door to someone with three chickens than three dogs!

I'm totally gonna SAVE money! I'm betting I don't. I want chickens to live a healthier lifestyle and to have that 'one with nature' mindset. I love the idea of getting up early in the morning and collecting eggs. I think having chickens is also a great educational tool for children. I've read many blogs about parents wanting to raise a flock for this very reason. You don't need to live in the country to have a small farm anymore.

Don't you feel more educated about these ladies? I'm getting excited just writing about them... I can't wait! Let the coop designing begin! After I get them, I'll have to write a post titled: What I DIDN'T know about raising chickens.