Aquaponics Update: Day 9

My aquaponics book came in the mail today! A rare time my mailbox holds treasures anymore. Is it wrong that I'm disappointed it doesn't have more pictures?

Ugh, I forget how hard it is to keep an aquarium. I wouldn't say things are going super awesome, but I've never been prided for my patience.

Fish: Take 2
Since the results of the water test on Day 3, I was pretty pumped and bought 10 goldfish the next day. Well, they were all dead by Day 7. I'm scared to do another water test, but tomorrow is the day. I also impulse purchased 20 goldfish today. I think the water might be too warm. A few didn't even make it out of the bag.

Algae Blooms, Fish: Take1
I didn't believe one single video about algae blooms until it happened to me. It got so bad, I couldn't see the bottom of the tank. A quick trip to the pet store to get some algae stuff and a few days later all is almost clear.

Algae bloom solution... no... algae bloom prevention is to add a shade cloth around the tank. Hopefully, this will help with the heat and light.  I used weed blocker stuff and attached it with zip-ties.

I can assure you these videos are just as painful for me to watch. I figure someone could throw me a bone and make magic happen.  I could use all the advice I can get!