Aquaponics: Day 25

Honestly, I should not be giving advice when it comes to aquaponics. I read through my book and turns out, putting lemon in the tank kills the good bacteria as well as lowers the PH. Lesson Learned.

However, after that debacle, I will happily report I've had fish for over three days and they are still alive. I kept telling my plants to hold on the food was coming, and everyone listened except for one. If it wasn't raining, I might have more pictures.

It's crazy, every time I plant something, it rains. Someone must be watching me.

Anywho. Even my fig cutting/branch is budding a few leaves. My eggplant is slowly growing and I pick a strawberry every few days. I think they will be much happier after my fish are more established. Not sure If I'm ready to play hardball and get tilapia. I think I'll wait to until my plants get more established.