High Five to the Farmers Branch Backyard Chicken Supporters

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the city council meeting to support the backyard chickens. Even the supporters that spoke to the council rocked! It wouldn't have been the same if I was the only one that spoke.

I was confident until the city came to speak about their findings. Then it got worse when a few councilmen spoke. That is until Tim Scott was totally for them and our new councilman Jeff Fuller voted yes. When it came down to voting, two were yes, two were maybes, and one was a hard no. Looks like the two maybes made a yes.

CONCLUSION: The city is going to make a draft ordinance to be discussed at the August study session. As for me, they decided to appoint me to the Library Board.

There were several supporters that wanted to get together to discuss a plan of action which I think is an awesome idea! I'm thinking next week, so we'd love to have anybody else contribute.

Please contact me if you would like to support backyard chickens in Farmers Branch: jamielear@gmail.com

You know what I have to admit was the best part of that day? Several people haven't ever attended a city council meeting, but last night they did. 

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