Marigolds, I must.

I can't  read about organic gardening without them mentioning Marigolds. I would be sick of hearing about them, if they weren't so useful.

Ok! These aren't just for organic gardening as a companion plant warding off pests, but also used as medicine for wounds as an anti-inflammatory. The list goes on. They are even edible. Flowers petals are often cooked with rice. They are used in chicken feed in your factory farms to give more color to the yolk. Thought writing about flowers was a safe bet I couldn't mention chickens?

Anti-cancer properties? Stop it!

In the 1960's they were pushed to be the national flower, but the roses ended up winning. Just found my next political platform yall!

It's an annual. *breaks.  It's the only down side I can find. Talk about adding color! I gotta get me some. They need lots of sun and fertilizer isn't needed. Grow in almost any soil.

Check and check.

Everyone should buy marigold stock, I'm buying marigolds.