Aerial Spraying in Farmers Branch

I received this email today and thought I should pass it along. Farmers Branch has not been scheduled for spraying yet,  There is a daily update HERE if and when your city in the Dallas area will be sprayed. I will need to purchase protection my aquaponics systems and some of my garden beds, but now is the time to get prepared.

The pesticide being sprayed is Duet. I read that the product breaks down very quickly when exposed to sunlight.  Therefore, residue on plants and other treated surfaces should be short lived and considered 'gone' when everything is dry. 

As you may know by now, Farmers Branch is one of the cities that has opted for aerial spraying to help eliminate mosquitoes because it is a very effective and safe way to kill adult mosquitoes in large, densely populated areas. However, no schedule for spraying has yet been announced.

However, for people concerned about exposure during aerial spraying, health officials suggest the following precautions:
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