Farmers Branch Backyard Chickens: Outcome!

Backyard Chickens in Farmers Branch DID NOT PASS with a 2 to 3 vote. Farmers Branch residents are not allowed to have chickens at all. 

I got a late start on today, but got tons of stuff taken care of at the office. Council started at 4pm, I was late.

Mayor: let's start things off.... (Chicken presentation by Jim and Stacy)
Councilman Ben R.: I've been against from them from the start and I'm against it now. I think this is the wrong direction for Farmers Branch.
Councilman Harold F.: I agree.
Councilman Tim S.: O, I'm for the chickens...
Councilman Jeff F.: Yes, I'm for also for.
Councilman David K: I don't want to see the chickens pass.
*End of backyard chicken discussion*

I've learned so much and have gotten to know so many people through this experience. I might had the door closed, but many opportunities opened.  For now... Let's move on to important issues.

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