West Nile Prevention

Isn't West Nile scary? Dallas has had over 100 cases and 5 deaths. Every time I get  bit, I worry a little. There are ways to prevent the spread right in your backyard without spraying! (I always give myself a spray down in the early morning and at dusk.)

Gambusia Minnows
Gambusia Minnows
I have a friend that has them in her backyard pond. 

Backyard Pond

They aren't very big, but they continue to reproduce and eat mosquito larvae. They are nicknamed the mosquito fish because they are voracious predator of mosquitos. They are closely related to guppies and are able to consume 80-100 larvae a day. My friend said they reproduce every 5 weeks.

 Wikipedia them if you'd like. 

The fish seem to be in short supply lately, but my friend is willing to give up a dozen. I know I'd want them if I didn't have my Tilapia.  Those guys eat anything!

Contact me if you have a nice pond home for a few of these.

My neighbor three doors down is in intensive care with West Nile and can't walk or talk. I pray for him. 

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