Drying Basil

I don't have some fancy dehydrator like my neighbors, so I do it the old fashion way. What else do I do with all of this Basil? 

This is my most recent harvest, except I clipped twice that amount of basil and twice as many eggplants. The other half went over fence to my neighbors. There are perks to gardening at the same time as your neighbors.

Sidebar note: my eggplants were a little too old to eat the skin (they are suppose to be shinny). Instead, I peeled them, cut them up and fried them with corn meal, flour, and my new dried basil. yum!

This is a previous harvest (notice a theme?), I get lots of basil. I picked all of the good leaves off, and set them between two sections of newspaper. I laid it in the garage and pretty much 'forgot' about it. About two to three weeks. 

The weather was perfect this night. I brought my kitchen stuff outside and chopped away. I purchased a few of these ikea spice jars a few years and just kept moving them. I'm glad they final have a purpose.