Fall Leaves

Fall is here, and that means so are the leaves. They are everywhere! And just because the garden might not be in full swing, now is a great time to get the soil prepared for the spring.

I've heard that here in Dallas we have a 12 month growing season because our ground doesn't freeze. Our air might get below freezing but not our soil. However, because of the short days it can be frustrating to see the plants grow slowly. This is what I've learned from our Dallas expert Leslie Halleck

Our State North Carolina
 I learned last year to adding mulched leaves to the garden bed will bust soil fertility  This weekend I'm going to mulch the leaves with the mower and add them to all of the beds. Even just bagging them with the mower and throwing them in the compost pile is pretty easy. My dad will tell you he's going to mulch them with the mower.

Solar Family Farm
Leaves will help you improve your soil. I know I can use all the help I can  get with my soil.

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