Heirloom Aquaponics Tomatoes

I have one giant tomato plant in my system, so it was about time they grow me some fruit. I'm getting a ton of tomatoes! A few people have commented that they look funny.

Well that's because they are Heirloom Tomatoes. (and by design organic! or it would kill the fish)

Sadly, I didn't know this at first. This tomato plant was given to me by my neighbors as extra, so i just stuck in the aquaponics system. One day I was showing off the fruits to my neighbor, when she said, 'o, those are heirloom.'
Latest aquaponics harvest
This means it's not a hybrid like most veggies purchased. I will definitely be seed saving!

I also enjoy some delish Fried Green Tomatoes! 

Sliced Green Tomatoes
Enough beating eggs to coat all slices
Bread crumbs
Corn Meal
salt & pepper

Coat slices by place beaten eggs in a baggie with the tomatoes slices. Then add everything else. Shake till coated. Then add the coated slices to already hot oil in a sauce pan. I like my crispy, so they are in there till brown. The thicker the slice, the longer they need to be in there.

I'm also happy to announce I have a greenhouse on the way. I need to prepare for winter and I'm looking forward to getting some crap out of garage. It's a greenhouse and shed in one. yea!