Going Green with Holiday Gift Wrap

These past two years I've tried to do something different with my Christmas wrapping: One- to be creative and two- to save a little cash. If my family is in it for the wrapping, they are seriously mistaken. Plus, I like all the gifts under the tree to have the same look. 

For this year I'm going ultra simple: recycled paper (equals compost-able), homemade tags, and ribbon I have plenty of. 
Two words: baby showers. 

The past few weeks I've been ordering a ton of tile samples for this (awesome) bathroom I'm putting together. I've been a little high maintenance with my ordering, so I had lots of brown recycled packing paper and boxes. I knew I wanted to reuse the paper for something, it just hadn't come to me yet. My first thought was: it would make a great weed blocker. boring.

This was my inspiration for Christmas 2011. It looked just about like the image above but with the same tags I'm using this year. I printed a few too many tags last year. I take all the guess work out of digging under the tree. You know exactly who's gift it is. Wrinkled paper? The pups stomping all over it? No problem, it's part of the charm!

Christmas 2012 gift wrapping. 

I'm looking forward to an entire week of vacation! Happy Holidays!