Flowers, but No Fruit

I can't believe it's already day 175 in the Forest Garden Project. I usually walk the garden every morning and evening. It has become an enjoyable ritual of observing. I'm always finding something new to look at. This morning was no different. After a half inch of rain yesterday, the bees were buzzing. 

I have flowers on my tomato plants, eggplant, and squash, but no fruit. A summer without homegrown tomatoes is no summer at all if you ask me. It's strange. Most of the squash flowers are males, but that's somewhat normal. I've flicked the tomato flowers every time I walk by, and I had no trouble previously growing eggplant in the aquaponics system.

This year I have to admit that I planted late. I planted seeds instead of transplants. but. nothing. no. fruit. The wait continues.

credits: Image by Jamie at A CITY GIRL

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